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Our Mission Statement

We are committed to providing the highest staffing standards on behalf of both our clients and candidates in an ethical, responsible and professional way.

California Staffing Professionals
Donation Programs

Our Donation Programs

a.e.s. proudly supported the following organizations:
  • 2011 – American Lung Association
  • 2010 – The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society
  • 2008 – University of California, San Francisco – Cancer Program
  • 2007 – Child Care Afrika
  • 2006 – American Red Cross – Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans, Louisiana / Tsunami
  • 2005 – The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society
  • 2004 – Shih Yu-Lang Central YMCA
  • 2001 – NYC Uniformed Firefighters Association Widows and Children’s Fund – September 11, 2001 (terrorist attack on America at the World Trade Center)

Donation Program On Behalf Of Our Clients

We would like to express our gratitude to our clients for their business and loyalty by us giving something back to the community on their behalf.

Since 2004, a.e.s. has been making donations to non-profit organizations on behalf of our valued clients. We ask one of our favorite clients for their preferred non-profit organization and we make a donation in their name.

Due to personal events such as my stepdad passing away after a ten year fight with cancer as well as myself and an employee of mine having been in the fortunate situation of having cancer detected early on, I decided to make the call personally this year for a.e.s. to make a donation to the UCSF Foundation was established in 1982 as a nonprofit public benefit corporation to promote the welfare of the University of California, San Francisco by raising funds to meet critical needs, sponsoring educational programs and involving friends and supporters in the work of the University.  Ranked among the top health sciences institutions in the world, UCSF is positioned to translate fundamental advances in the biomedical and quantitative sciences into new knowledge, cures and treatments.

Cancer Program

We are proud to have Airtrade as one of our valued clients.  Airtrade has allowed us to get to know them really well in 2007.  Due to researching the industry and targeting key players at competitor companies, we were able to successfully place several executive and middle management candidates.  These hires have already contributed to the success of Airtrade as they’ve made a positive impact to our client’s bottom line.

It has been a great experience working with Airtrade on those difficult to fill positions.  Because of our joint success this year, we chose Airtrade to select their non-profit organization for the donation from a.e.s.

Airtrade chose Child Care Afrika.  Child Care Afrika concentrates on concrete small-scale development projects for children.  The main goal is realization of independency in the field of nutrition, education and work.  Child Care Africa specifically aims at Eritrea, one of the poorest backward areas of Africa.


We are proud to have  as one of our faithful clients. We have been working with Softair since 2004 and have Softairprovided their organization with senior and middle management people as well as administrative professionals.  It has been a wonderful experience getting to know their company and their culture very well and it’s always been a great pleasure to work with them.  Due to the numerous, successful hires we chose Softair to select their favorite non-profit organization for the donation from a.e.s.

Softair chose the American Red Cross in the hopes that the money will be used for Tsunami relief, which is by far not over, just forgotten by the media, or to fund the efforts of groups trying to provide drinkable water in all areas of the planet where some kids and adults are still dying every day just because no one cares about the fact they cannot drink safe/non-contaminated water.


The American Red Cross provides disaster assistance to people in need … free of charge … every single day!


We are proud to have Hathaway Dinwiddie, one of the largest Commercial Contractors in the Bay Area, as one of our long-term clients.  We have worked with Hathaway Dinwiddie ever since we started our business in 1998 and it has been a wonderful experience and a great pleasure to work with them. Ha

thaway Dinwiddie has been essential to the growth of a.e.s. and we therefore chose HD to select their favorite local non-profit organization for the donation from a.e.s.

Hathaway Dinwiddie chose the Shih Yu-Lang Central YMCA at 220 Golden Gate Avenue in San Francisco.

YMCA Mission Statement:


“The YMCA of San Francisco builds strong kids, strong families and strong communities by enriching the lives of all people in spirit, mind and body.”