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Resume Tips

  • Your contact info should include your name, city, state and country, phone number, and email address. Do not state your age, gender, marital status, religion and alike.
  • Arrange your resume in chronological order with the most recent employment on top. Highlight your accomplishments, detail your complete work experience and education, and state additional skills.
  • Customize your resume for each job application by understanding the company’s values and core competencies, analyzing job responsibilities, and including key words and phrases in your experience and cover letter.
  • Hiring Managers and recruiters scan hundreds of resumes quickly. Make sure your resume can be scanned quickly by using proper keywords and numerically significant accomplishments and results to be among the resumes that get chosen from the stack.
  • Include a summary of your career achievements in a concise, bullet-point format (use percentages and quantitative data on how you increased revenue or decreased expenses).
  • In the “Work Experience” section, outline all of your professional experience. Start each new job with the job title, company name and location, and employment dates. Below each job title, outline your achievements and responsibilities, including wins, tools you used, and any other work experience you gained.
  • When unemployed for more than a year, explain the employment gap. Use titles like “full time student” or “family management” and include volunteer work. Don’t mention injuries or rehabilitation to avoid discrimination.
  • Education: For each degree or certification, include your date of attendance, major, minor, degrees, and honors. Put more important degrees higher on your list (even if they don’t fit chronologically).
  • List additional skills, tools, software applications, spoken languages, or software languages on your resume to make it stand out in search results.
  • The “Interest and Awards” section is an opportunity to demonstrate your personal qualities and highlight your personal and professional accomplishments.
  • It is recommended not to include references in your resume. Have a list of references with names, titles, and contact information. If requested, quickly send the list to demonstrate responsibility. Ensure references are aware they may be contacted.
  • Choose the appropriate file format for electronic resumes to ensure they appeal to readers. Save heavily formatted resumes in PDF format. Have a trusted person or a peer proof-read and suggest edits.
  • An impressive resume is important. Hiring a Professional Resume Service might pay off. Crafting a professional and personalized resume is crucial for job seekers to increase their chances of landing an interview.
  • Creating a professional resume is an essential first step if you want to get a new job. Hiring a professional resume writer is a good idea. Whether you’re a fresh graduate or a seasoned professional in your industry, a strong resume will boost your chances of getting an interview.