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Temporary and Temp-to-Hire

The assigned candidate is an employee of A.E.S. We cover federal, state and withholding taxes, unemployment, social security, state disability, workers’ compensation insurance and all other payroll charges. Our clients are then invoiced for our employment services. Hourly bill rates vary depending on the job description and a company’s budget. Contact us to discuss your specific need.

Tips for Working Well With an Agency

  • Treat the agency as a valued business partner. Since we are going to be working as an extension of your company, make sure to take the time to explain your business and specific job requirements to us. Specify what skills the candidate needs to have as well as dress code and other specific requirements.
  • Don’t wait until the day before you need someone. The recruiting process takes time. Give the agency as much notice as possible.
  • Let us know from the beginning how long you might need a candidate’s service. There is nothing more inefficient than having to switch a candidate in the middle of a project. Keep us informed of the project timeline.
  • We value feedback! Let us know what you did and did not like about the person/resume we sent you. Your feedback is critical in helping us to understand your company and its needs better so we can provide you with the best possible match on future assignments or placements. Both positive and negative feedback is welcomed and very much appreciated.
  • Have realistic expectations. Don’t expect a temporary employee to come in and operate at the same level as the staff they are filling in for. Temporary employees produce high quality work, but obviously lack the situational experience of the employee they’re replacing. How helpful an employee is partially depends on how well you set up the job for them. Give them good instructions and they could excel.



There are many advantages to hiring temporary staff, including cost savings, assistance with short-term and one-time projects, and temporary absence coverage. Many companies work with staffing companies to streamline the hiring process. When implemented correctly, temporary and contracted employees can help your business in a variety of ways.

It is not uncommon for businesses to be so impressed with a temporary employee’s performance that they desire to employ them as a full-time employee. In that case, a conversion fee will be charged.


Benefits of Hiring a Temporary Worker

  • Reduce Overall Staffing Costs

The staffing agency manages employment paperwork, payroll processing, tax withholdings, direct deposit, workers’ compensation, and year-end W-2 forms for temporary workers. Clients only pay weekly invoices. Costs are lower than hiring an employee directly.

  • Increase Staff  Without Adding Permanent Headcount & Boost Productivity

Businesses prioritize low headcount to maintain profits. Adding temporary employees can boost productivity and keep permanent headcount low. Costs can be flexible to adjust based on financial needs.

  • Faster Hiring Times

Recruiting and hiring can be time-consuming, increasing costs and reducing productivity. This is particularly the case when there are no dedicated recruiters and this responsibility is delegated to department heads or supervisors. Working with a staffing agency saves time by not having to recruit, screen, or interview potential employees.

  • Fill in Temporary Gaps

Businesses need to prepare for temporary absences to maintain productivity. Temporary employees can cover maternity leave, disability, and vacations. Reallocating work of an absent team employee to other members can create issues such as stress, burnout, reduced performance, desire for raises, and resentment. While it may be cheaper to not hire temporary employees in this situation, the consequences may be more costly.

  • Access to Highly Qualified, Pre-Screened Candidates

Recruiting and interviewing potential employees is one of the most laborious processes associated with the recruitment of new personnel. Online job boards don’t eliminate your role in hiring new employees. Partnering with a staffing agency to hire temporary employees provides access to prescreened, highly qualified candidates. This reduces recruiting and interviewing time, saves on pre-employment screenings, and improves overall efficiency.

  • Extra Support for Special Projects

Temporary workers are a cost and time-effective solution for short-term projects that require additional resources. They can quickly fill gaps and provide unique value and support. They are especially useful for last-minute needs. Once the project is complete, the added resources are no longer necessary.



Our risk-free A.E.S./Temp-to-Hire© is the best way to determine the candidate’s ability and productivity, without the commitment. During the temp-to-hire period the candidate remains on our payroll. Once you determined that our employee is a good match for your organization, our employee will convert to your direct employ. In that case, a conversion fee will be charged.

  • The Smart Way to Hire / Evaluate the Candidate Prior to Making a Hiring Decision

Our Temp-to-Hire option enables you to witness a worker’s abilities in the workplace without the commitment. Determine whether our employee’s skills are a good match for your company before you hire.

  • Decreased Risk / Avoid Mistakes

Business leaders and hiring managers put a great deal of effort into finding and hiring the right people for their companies. Unfortunately, mistakes happen, and new hires don’t always work out. Not only does the company lose the employee, but they also lose out on time and money spent onboarding and training them. Moreover, the wrong hire can seriously harm your business and you could be confronted with costly separation and potential litigation.

When utilizing the personnel of a staffing agency, there is usually a proven track record that can be relied upon by the agency to ensure that their workers are the right fit for the organization. Employers may even be so impressed with the temporary employee’s performance that they request to transition the worker to their employ. In such case, a conversion fee applies.

To be considered…

It can be challenging to locate individuals who are willing to leave their current employment in order to transition to the uncertain temp-to-hire environment. Do not limit your candidate pool to those who are currently unemployed. You may find a quality individual willing to work Temp-to-Hire, but there is a good chance that they will keep looking for a full time job while they work for you. This means there is no assurance that you will be able to hire them if you want. Make sure to lock that quality individual into a full time position ahead of time and benefit from our direct hire guarantees.