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Retained Search

Why You Should Use an
Executive Search Firm to Find Top Talent

Hiring top talent is an essential part of building a successful business. Companies must identify and recruit the most suitable candidates to fill critical roles and accelerate business growth. Finding the right talent can be challenging and time-consuming, especially for senior- and executive-level positions.

Retained search firms are therefore an essential part of this process. Retained searches are given the utmost priority and a sense of urgency. We prioritize quality over quantity, which is why we only take on a limited number of retained searches at any given time. This allows us to ensure we have the necessary time and focus to consistently deliver quality results on the searches we do take on. Consequently, we achieve placement rates that exceed recruiting industry standards.

SummaryRetained / Executive SearchEngaged / Exclusive SearchContingency Search
RelationshipPartnership with clientIncreased CommitmentNo commitment on either side
Ideal UsesSenior Roles
Salary: $150-300K
Mid-Level Positions
Salary: $80K-250K
Entry- to mid-level positions
Salary: Up to $75K
Motivation / Target
Group (active vs. passive candidates)
Motivated to find
the best candidate.
Focus on passive
Targeting both
active and passive
• Active job seekers
• Bulk Hiring
• Quantity and speed
more important than quality
Relationship / Agency ExclusivityExclusive search,
entrusted to just one
recruiting agency.
Exclusive search, entrusted to just one recruiting agency.Exclusive (one agency)
or non-exclusive (multiple agencies).
Cost StructurePaid on RetainerPartial upfront payment, remainder upon placementCompensation
contingent on placement
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  • Focus on Quality / Better Quality Candidates

The focus is on quality over quantity or speed. We work closely with our clients to determine the specific skills, experience, and cultural compatibility needed for a specific role. This enables us to narrow the pool of candidates to those who meet the specific criteria. Our target groups are passive candidates as high-level candidates neither put their resumes on job boards nor are they scanning the big job boards. We spend a significant amount of time finding, evaluating and recruiting qualified candidates.

  • Confidentiality

Ability to conduct discreet searches to locate high-level executives without making the search public. This is especially pertinent for senior-level roles where confidentiality is of paramount importance.

  • Efficiency

We cover every phase of the hiring process. Positions are filled more quickly and more efficiently. A focused process, clear communication, and a single point of contact results in an effective hiring process.

  • Save Money

Higher likelihood of return on investment, both financially and from a time perspective. By having a search firm manage all stages of the recruitment process, from sourcing to screening and interviewing candidates, it reduces the burden on the company’s internal resources. This allows companies to attend to other critical areas of the business. Moreover, only the most suitable candidates are presented, thus eliminating the need to waste time and resources on staff meeting applicants who are not adequately qualified.

  • Better Candidate Experience

A process not based on speed. Highly sought-after candidates do not want to be rushed through anything; they are looking for an exceptional experience. When top candidates are contacted by multiple recruiting firms, they tend to become resentful and disengaged.

  • Maintain the Integrity of Your Brand

Agencies act as an extension of the company’s brand. The manner in which recruiters manage candidates can have a negative impact on the company’s public image. Using multiple agencies can damage your brand.

Say Goodbye to...

  • Recruiters promising a lot & delievering little
  • Lengthy processes just to end up with the wrong talent

What to Expect

And Say Hello to...

  • Getting it right the first time
  • Full transparency from beginning to end
  • Dedicated support