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Engaged Search

Engaged Search is most commonly used for mid-level positions, when a client needs to fill a position as quickly as possible, or when there is a limited number of suitable candidates. An upfront, non-refundable engagement fee allows us to dedicate substantial resources to this search.

Ideal for:

  • Urgent Hires
  • Mid-Level Positions
  • Limited Number of Suitable Candidates
  • Large Volume of Hires

A Hybrid between Contingency Search and Retained Search

  • Exclusive search assignment, given to just one recruiting agency.
  • Fee is a percentage based on candidate’s annual compensation.
  • Upfront, non-refundable engagement fee required to start the search. Remainder of the fee due upon successful placement.
  • Choose from a number of pre-screened and pre-qualified candidates.
SummaryRetained / Executive SearchEngaged / Exclusive SearchContingency Search
RelationshipPartnership with clientIncreased CommitmentNo commitment on either side
Ideal UsesSenior Roles
Salary: $150-300K
Mid-Level Positions
Salary: $80K-250K
Entry- to mid-level positions
Salary: Up to $75K
Motivation / Target
Group (active vs. passive candidates)
Motivated to find
the best candidate.
Focus on passive
Targeting both
active and passive
• Active job seekers
• Bulk Hiring
• Quantity and speed
more important than quality
Relationship / Agency ExclusivityExclusive search,
entrusted to just one
recruiting agency.
Exclusive search, entrusted to just one recruiting agency.Exclusive (one agency)
or non-exclusive (multiple agencies).
Cost StructurePaid on RetainerPartial upfront payment, remainder upon placementCompensation
contingent on placement
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