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Contingency Search

Contingent Search is the industry-standard search type. It is suitable for entry- to mid-level roles or positions where there is a large pool of candidates. This risk-free option offers no upfront costs and customers are only charged upon successful placement.

Be aware that every time you work with an agency on a contingency basis, you and the agency are not committing to anything. The agency spends a substantial amount of money on salaries for its recruiters and on advertising without any commitment from the hiring company. This model leads to agencies presenting their best candidates to companies with higher placement fees and better employment offers, potentially leaving your opening unfilled and causing significant loss of revenue for your organization.

We Offer Two Types of Contingency Searches

Exclusive Contingency Search

  • Search assignment given to just one recruiting agency.
  • The agency will allocate more time, energy, and resources to the search compared to a non-exclusive search.

Non-Exclusive Contingency Search

  • Search assignment given to more than one recruiting agency.
  • No level of commitment by either the hiring company or the agency. The agency decides on the amount of time, energy, and resources to allocate to this search.
  • Interview the Most Qualified Applicants Available

Our candidates are committed to long-term employment. They delegate their job search to us, while they focus on making profits for their current employer.

  • Zero-Risk / No Obligation

You are under no obligation to hire any of the candidates we present to you. A fee only becomes due once our candidate accepts your job offer and starts working for you. This method helps companies acquire productive employees at a lower cost, ensuring the investment is worthwhile.

  • Cost-Effective

Using A.E.S. for recruitment can significantly reduce costs compared to traditional methods, as our professional staff handles advertising, resume evaluation, screening, and interviews, ensuring a good match with job requirements and presenting only the best candidates.

  • Sit Back and Relax

You can go about your real job, because all you need to do is take the short time required to decide which of our qualified candidates you prefer. Leave the rest up to the experts!

Our success rate for contingency searches is much above the industry average of 10-25%, but we advise against contingency searches for critical roles. Instead, we recommend Retained or Engaged Search models, which have a significantly higher success rate of 80-100%.

A new hire is a big investment. The wrong choice in selecting a new hire can harm your business tremendously. And keeping a position open for too long results in loss of profit.

SummaryRetained / Executive SearchEngaged / Exclusive SearchContingency Search
RelationshipPartnership with clientIncreased CommitmentNo commitment on either side
Ideal UsesSenior Roles
Salary: $150-300K
Mid-Level Positions
Salary: $80K-250K
Entry- to mid-level positions
Salary: Up to $75K
Motivation / Target
Group (active vs. passive candidates)
Motivated to find
the best candidate.
Focus on passive
Targeting both
active and passive
• Active job seekers
• Bulk Hiring
• Quantity and speed
more important than quality
Relationship / Agency ExclusivityExclusive search,
entrusted to just one
recruiting agency.
Exclusive search, entrusted to just one recruiting agency.Exclusive (one agency)
or non-exclusive (multiple agencies).
Cost StructurePaid on RetainerPartial upfront payment, remainder upon placementCompensation
contingent on placement
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